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Hosted Checkout

A simple, quick and PCI Compliant solution to start accepting payments through your website – fast. With a hosted checkout solution – you’ll direct customers to a secure payment page via a URL - cardholder data will never touch your website or servers – and payments will be funded directly to your local bank.

PCI-DSS Compliant Payment Gateway Solutions

Support for popular gateway solutions including, PayTrace, Authorize.Net, PayFlow Pro, and more.

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Integrated API Solutions

We offer a suite of options for integrating your existing eCommerce product to proprietary processor level and popular processor-independent third-party solutions.

Fraud Prevention Tools

• AVS/CVV Auto-Void • Anti Phishing Detection • Duplicate Detection • Velocity Filters • IP Blocking

Tokenization: A PCI Best Practice

Card Tokenization is a PCI best-practice for businesses who accept payments in a card-not-present environment, and have a business need to maintain access to the cardholder information.

Tokenization is the process of substituting the storage of cardholder data with a non-sensitive equivalent, referred to as a token, that has no intrinsic or exploitable meaning or value.

We offer several gateway solutions with full tokenization support for CNP (CardNotPresent) and eCommerce payments.

The Benefits of Tokenization 1. Reduce your PCI Compliance Scope/Risk 2. Refunds tie back to the original method of payment 3. Allows cardholder to keep card on file creating an
easy-to-buy checkout experience for future purchases
4. Management of recurring/installment payments

Let’s discuss your customer life cycle and PCI Compliance goals and explore solutions that are available.


Benefits of Level 2/3 Data


My site is ready, and I’m not sure how to accept payments on-line.

Hosted-Checkout may be an option for you. It’s a simple integration to your site, and allows your customers to check-out by entering their payment information into a secure, encrypted form that communicates directly with our processing network for authorization/ settlement. With secure-checkout, you are up and running quickly – and cardholder data is safe and secure.

What type of payments can my business accept on-line?

We provide solutions to accept all major debit/credit cards, as well as direct debit to checking accounts via ACH.

How do I ensure that my site and company are PCI Compliant?

We only recommend solutions that are verified PCI Data Compliant. We’ll provide you with assistance completing annual PCI-DSS requirements, including of your annual questionnaire and/or network vulnerability scanning.

What if I already have an eCommerce website?

Give us a call. We’d love to talk with you about your current solution and share additional options with you that may help you increase the profitability and security of your payments.