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Cardholder Data Security – (PCI Compliance)

Merchants that accept credit card payments are required to be PCI Compliant.

How you store, process and transmit cardholder data determines
your Annual PCI Compliance requirements - and your risk.

Maintaining annual PCI Compliance is simple with our user-friendly, web based PCI portal, which includes features like:

Web-Based Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

We host all of the current Self Assessment Questionnaires in our user-friendly web portal. Our step-by-step guide will help you identify which questionnaire is right for your business. And, we’ll email you reminders when your next questionnaire is due.

Multiple Merchant ID’s - One Questionnaire

If you have multiple merchant ID's utilizing the same payment interface, we can link those ID's together, allowing you to complete a single Self Assessment Questionnaire for the group.

Integrated Network Scanning

With our integrated network scanning tools, simply load your IP addresses into our portal, and they will be automatically scanned quarterly.

You’ll receive an email notification when complete. No need to engage a separate, high priced Approved Scanning Vendor.

Imagine, all this for a monthly fee that's less than the cost of a Grande Latte.

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Reducing your PCI Compliance Risk

The majority of our customers accept cards via mail, telephone or the web. In this type of environment, it’s even more critical to understand how all customer payments touch your systems/software and where you may be vulnerable.

We have the experience to walk through your environment with you and offer recommendations to reduce your exposure, while ensuring your customers continue to enjoy a positive checkout experience.

We’ve highlighted a couple of options below that you may consider:

Tokenization: A PCI Best Practice

Card Tokenization is a PCI best-practice for businesses who accept payments in a card-not-present environment, and have a business need to maintain access to the cardholder information.

Tokenization is the process of substituting the storage of cardholder data with a non-sensitive equivalent, referred to as a token, that has no intrinsic or exploitable meaning or value.

We offer several gateway solutions with full tokenization support for CNP (CardNotPresent) and eCommerce payments.

The Benefits of Tokenization 1. Reduce your PCI Compliance Scope/Risk 2. Refunds tie back to the original method of payment 3. Allows cardholder to keep card on file creating an
easy-to-buy checkout experience for future purchases
4. Management of recurring/installment payments

Let’s discuss your customer life cycle and PCI Compliance goals and explore solutions that are available.

The Benefits of the Hosted Checkout URL

If card data is being keyed into your payment application in order to save a card for future payments OR to take advantage of card tokenization, you still may be at risk.

With Hosted Checkout, all requests to enter payment data are re-directed to an external web page hosted by one of our PCI Compliant Gateway providers. This allows sensitive card data to be entered and processed securely, bypassing your hardware/software environment.

This practice, in addition to tokenization, significantly reduces the scope of your liability in the event of a cardholder data breach. It also minimizes your annual PCI compliance requirements.

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