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Business to Business/Government Payments

Wholesale • Manufacturing • Distribution • GSA Contract Holders

Increasing Profitability

Business, Corporate and Purchasing/GSA cards represent one of the fastest growing segments of payment cards issued in the US. As a result, MasterCard and Visa are constantly enhancing commercial cardholder programs, benefits, and interchange costs.

With interchange representing the largest cost component of card acceptance, it’s critical to stay ahead of changes that can directly impact your bottom line.

That’s where we come in.

Ask our B2B experts about solutions to ensure your commercial card payments always qualify for the lowest Level 2/3 interchange rates - automatically. Qualifying for Level 2/3 rates could save your business thousands, even tens of thousands, annually.

Payment Solutions

We support hundreds of Class-A Certified payment solutions to ensure efficient and secure processing of your customer payments, including:

  • Virtual Terminal and API Solutions with Level 2/3 Data support for Commercial/Purchasing Cards
  • Secure Gateway and Hosted Checkout solutions for on-line purchases and invoice payments
  • Tokenization options for encrypted, remote storage of sensitive cardholder data
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Cardholder Data Security

Keeping your customers' card on file for future purchases is common practice.

By implementing solutions with integrated card processing and tokenization, you and your customers can rest assured that sensitive data is safe and secure. We store the cards-and you hold the key.

Or, choose a PCI-DSS certified Virtual Terminal solution where data is encrypted and stored securely on our servers, keeping your company out of scope for additional PCI Compliance requirements.